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Life is better when you're running.
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Runners be like:

Around other people
Person:cross country isn't even a real sport
On the team
Coach:mile repeats on the track today at goal pace
Runner:Everything hurts and running is terrible



Some rough concept pieces I created for a Nike pitch last year which sadly never came to fruition! In this line of work you often create things which end up never being used or seen by anybody! This was one of those cases.

Love it.

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It began when I joined that cross country team in high school. I started feeling confident. I became addicted to pushing myself harder and harder, never giving up on anything. I became a leader, realizing that running isn’t the only thing I can push myself to do well in. On a 10 mile run, I left my worries about other people’s opinions all over the road. Throughout the years, I left the hurt, stereotypes, sadness, and self-pity all over the trail behind me, like dirt. Pretty soon, the path in front of me began to look like no one had ever run on it before, like it was made just for me to brake the tape at the finish line, even though I had never really won a race. I became addicted to finding myself in every step, every breath. Every 5K was a work of art, a journey where I came closer and closer to who I was meant to be. And to think… it all started when I rolled out of bed at 7AM to join that crazy cross country team.

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It’s not about what you’re capable of, it’s about what you are willing to endure.

Leonardo Da Vinci

I feel the same about running

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Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.


Replace the word jogging with the word running and got perfection.

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Run for Aidan with my sister

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Racing is a true experience. Only the conditions are artificial. My entire self is engaged in a genuine struggle against time and distance and those around me. All my strengths, physical and emotional and moral, are called upon to decide the issue.



The Ultimate Duo!

Mo Farah & Galen Rupp

I wonder if their kids will have play dates.

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I realize that cross country season is drawing near (or already under way for some of you) and I may just be talking to myself but I want you all to keep this is mind too…
Acknowledge the fact that your opponents do NOT expect you to win and use that thought as fuel to carry your body when your…

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All the hard work is done. All you have to do it get your head in the right spot and you’re unstoppable.
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