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Life is better when you're running.
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We all spend hundreds of dollars on running shoes thinking they will make us faster, then Meb goes out and wins the Boston Marathon running in a pair of Skechers.

I feel this on a personal level.

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3D Athletics Track in Elda, Alicante, Spain

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One thing that running has taught me is that if anybody tells you that you can’t do it, they’re lying. That includes yourself.

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Example A.

Andrew Wheating’s were the best. 

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I ran as hard as I could. I’m proud. I don’t wish the race was was easier. I only wish I were better.
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"Let’s fuck shit up." - Shalane Flanagan

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You start getting more adjusted and you start getting fitter and all of a sudden the roads start to flatten out on some of these things (hills) you thought were mountains before.
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