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Life is better when you're running.
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Not all runners are the same.


Some are fast, some are slower. Some like short runs, others like long distances. Some like interval training, some like running in a stable pace.

But we all have one thing in common; we all get out there and that is something we should be proud of.

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When I say I’m excited for school what I actually mean is “I’m excited for Cross Country season to start already”

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My brother, at xc practice today (via heartland-harrier)

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The first rule of cross country: Have fun. The second rule: Lower your standards of fun.

"Born to Run" Christopher McDougall (via rachel-reagan)

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[She] insisted, running was romantic; and no, of course her friends didn’t get it because they’d never broken through. For them, running was a miserable two miles motivated solely by size 6 jeans: get on the scale, get depressed, get your headphones on, and get it over with. But you can’t muscle through a five-hour run that way; you have to relax into it, like easing your body into a hot bath, until it no longer resists the shock and begins to enjoy it.

Ryan Hall, American Record holder for the Half Marathon and 2:04:58 Marathoner (via runhardquestioneverything)

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Everyone else seems to call their afternoon shuteye ‘naps.’ I call them ‘business meetings.’ On my easy days, I schedule two hours for these meetings. When you’re sleeping, your body absorbs all the hard work. It’s ironic: one of the best ways to get better is to do nothing.
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